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Okay, hey y’all. Here’s my “little lengthy” poetry piece fire and ice, Yes…It’s long, I’m aware but you’d really love it.

“But we were worlds apart
We were kinds apart”

I was FIRE
He was ICE
All it took was a glance.
A glance at his magnificent carriage
I was totally enthralled by the glittery blue of his skin.
I was totally swamped in his glistening ocean eyes
He walked with poise
Taking each stride prudently
For he was aware he was so brittle
And he knew he was bound to thawing

My rubicund eyes could not take in this blue creature
For never for once had they regarded a being so picturesque
Not ever had they looked upon ICE
Of course, he wasn’t of my kind
For my kind were of flames
Flames that licked anything that got in its way
Blue wasn’t like my kind
He didn’t have blazing eyes like mine
His eyes were just as mother had described in her many stories
Her stories of how many of our kind had voyaged
Voyaged to the blue sea and had never returned
His eyes matched the image I had envisaged

And oh, how I loved the see-through liquid that adorned his skin
They were as clear as his eyes
Dripping salaciously from every part of his body
I didn’t know what they were called
But they had looked like the flame mucks that emitted father’s skin too.
Only, they were blue.
The liquids created tiny circles as they landed on the ground
They were just as the tiny flame earrings mother wore always
Only, they were blue
Such glorious sight!

Oh Yes, I knew he was dangerous
He was dangerous to my kind
For mother had warned me never to relate with his kind.
I knew I should not be found there.
Or even be there.
But I wanted to know.
I wanted to feel.
I wanted to touch this creature.
I wanted to know how he felt.

So, I moved close.
I wrapped around me, my blazing robe.
Preventing it from igniting the innocent crops and insects.
Counteracting it from torching up those creatures I had yearned to touch.
But had always run away or been reduced to ashes each time I came close.
I still plan to ask mother why this was so.

He moved closer too.
His resplendent robe of blue illuminating everything behind him.
Never had I seen a creature so beautiful.
Never had I seen a kind so dazzling.

And so, we were close enough.
And we sat.
Each boring into the eyes of the other.
My eyes were glued.
Stubbornly glued to the crystal blue right before them.
They were so clear.
So clear, I could absolutely see through them.
I had never set my eyes on such beauty.
His eyes housed spirals which bore spirals which housed spirals which bore spirals.
Those spirals were what I looked through,
Not getting to the end of them
And no sooner had I looked through them,
Than I became hypnotized.

But then I remembered.
Oh! Heaven knows what reminded me.
That all I had wanted was a touch.
That all I had wanted was to feel this brazen blue.

So, with so much chagrin, I tore my eyes from his.
And I settled them on his hands.
I took in the shapely blue fingers,
Still dripping with this beautiful liquid.
I let my eyes feast on this sumptuous meal set afore them.
I let them trace the liquid from his fingers to the ground.

Then, I reached out.
He did too.
A few inches were my fingers from his
And the flame hairs on my neck stood out firmly.
I knew now was the time to withdraw.
I knew now was the time to run back to mother.
But I wanted to understand this feeling.
And I didn’t only want to understand, I wanted to feel more.

An inch apart, the flame hairs on the hand I reached out was extinguished,
Leaving my skin, bare and exposed.
Still, I could not bring myself to withdraw.

The contact.
Oh yes! I touched the creature.
You bet I was one pigheaded girl.
I touched blue.
And oh, never since I took my first flame breath,
Never in my 16 years of flame breathing,
Had I ever borne what I bore in a split second that day.
Ice shot through my veins so fiercely,
Charging, yet extinguishing each flame muscle and caliber.
Shattering every flame bone in its way.

I had received several lashes of mother for my stubbornness.
And they had hurt.
But not as this had.
Not in the least.

I couldn’t feel my fingers.
And I understood perfectly.
For they were no more.
My fingers were withered.
So were blue’s fingers.
Though we had reached out with only a finger,
Every one of them paid for it.

So, don’t come probing me.
Don’t come querying me.
Why and how I lost my fingers.
Oh! Don’t come questioning me
Why I constantly shudder.
For this is the miserable story of my fingers.
Of how they had united in conjugal bliss with blue’s.
Of how they had withered into scalding ash.

And oh! I don’t regret it.
For even if my fingers had to pay.
I had at least encountered ICE.
And although it had hurt,
The diminutive affection we shared that night,
Would cling forever to my heart like white bleach to red clothing.

And so, I repeat,
Don’t come asking why I lost my fingers.
Don’t come asking why I quiver from time to time.
For I have met with ICE.
And I would not remain the same.
For we had fallen in love,
But we were worlds apart
We were kinds apart
We were FIRE and ICE

If you made it this far, thank youuu, I love you!

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