There’s a popular saying that ‘the moment we stop learning, we start dying’. Another says ‘readers are leaders’. My best ever quote is ‘information is power’.
Without studying, reading, and learning, failure is imminent as life in its wholeness is as important as studying. Likewise, you gather information through reading and studying and information is power.

These are reasons reading and studying is an integral part of the life of an aspiring great and successful individual.
The greatest of men to ever walk the earth are great scholars, most celebrated and impactful leaders are great scholars because with extensive study comes knowledge and wisdom which is the application of it.
Therefore, in this article we shall be looking at ways to effectively read and study.

As important as studying is it as uneasy as it can be especially in this new world where people rarely create time to read and study elaborately. More concentration, more focus is placed on how to make money quickly. Money is the new motive, few are men who fancy sagacity.

A child needs to be taught, raised to see the beauty and essence of studying as whatever is practiced from a young age consistently over time stays and becomes easy to do.

Here are ways to read and study effectively:

Create the Attitude

The very first way to read and study effectively is to create the attitude of reading. It has to be a part of you. You must love to read. Now how do you achieve this? You start by reading small write ups, articles, magazines, newsletters, etc.
Read things you find interesting. Short stories on whatever topic/s you like. Don’t start with novels of bulky pages, you might get bored along the way and drop it. Start with small ones, easy to finish in short time and make sure they are interesting.

When you do this consistently over time, you’ll progress. You’ll start reading lengthier ones and ones with more difficult themes thereby your reasoning keeps growing bigger and faster.
With all these, to read books and materials relating to your course of study will be an easy task and the society might just have another sage in the making!

Avoid Distractions

It is important to know that when you are reading and you often have to pause or stop in the act, there’s a breakage in the flow and this is quite unhelpful. The flow isn’t maintained hence proper concentration and assimilation won’t be achieved which can lead to neglection of the book.

This is why it is important to get a very quiet place where noise and any other form of distraction is absent so the flow can be maintained and unbroken. This fosters absolute concentration, assimilation and speed in reading.

Understand Timing

It is of popular opinion haven subjected it to study and research that effective study and reading is best achieved early in the morning. This is because the brain too had been relaxed while the body sleeps. So, in the morning, every part of the body, brain inclusive is fresh therefore effective studying can happen at the time.

It is therefore advised to read and study mostly early in the morning when the brain is yet to be stressed for speedy reading and proper assimilation.
The other advised time is in the evening and anytime one just wakes up. A fresh brain, fresh body and mind is a great charge for effective studying.

Reading during the day is not so advised because it can be slow and assimilation difficult because of the stress the body system has gone through or is going through.
Effective reading and assimilation is slow and limited during this time (if achievable at all).

Be Versatile

Lastly in this post, for effective studying, you must be ready to read far and wide. Read vastly. The more you read, the more you know the things you don’t know.
Summarily, remember to create the attitude of reading, start small and grow the habit and also remember to keep at a distance from any form of distraction for effective reading and studying to be achieved.

Likewise, remember to discover yourself and understand the time you read with speed and assimilate with ease and do so more in this times to achieve more.
Finally, read and read at large as these are the factors that facilitate effective reading, make a successful student and groom a sage.