Tips on Blog formatting

Most bloggers aim at business and to achieve this they have to understand their audience. This way they can get a good blog format that will solve their audience problems. With this, they can get regular visitors to their blogs.

People write for different reasons. Some write just for passion while others do it for business. The writing format of a writer spends a lot on their aim. this format will aid whoever reads the contents in the article or posts.

You can make your posts look attractive with our blog writing tips

1.       Use captivating headlines

the first thing audience read is your headlines. It must be captivating enough to draw your audience to your posts. Your headlines don’t have to be clickbaity; it just needs to have the focus keyword and should describe your content. 

2.       Use your headlines

 head tags (h1, h2, h3,), etc form your headlines in posts, they help readers understand your posts. It is one of the most important formattings for bloggers.

Posts can have as many headings and Subheadings. However, subheadings shouldn’t be larger than the main headings in the posts. Also, every post should have only one h1 tag while other headings can be h2, h3, etc.

3.       make paragraphs short and simple

one of the ways to make your posts captivating is by making them short and simple. Larger paragraphs should be broken into shorter ones with not more than five sentences. Also, avoid making the sentences too long as it could become too boring to read.

4.       Use a perfect font and font size

It is very important to select fonts that will make posts clearer for readers and audiences. Fonts don’t need to be hideous, they need to be able to make readers focus on the reading.  Websites like font.google.com have a lot of fonts you can select from.

It is also important you consider the font size you use. The font size should be able to make posts visible at an instance. It doesn’t have to be too big on the screens that it looks childish.

5.       Use bullet or number list

This is a good writing format when you have a  good number of points… Reduce long texts and it makes text attractive. Readers also understand posts better with lists.

you can even create a custom bullet list. It will draw more attention from the readers.

6.       Make a table of contents

Readers always like to see details of things to expect before they read the main content. You can make things very easy for them by listing out the headings and subheadings at the beginning of the post. With this, readers can move to the section that caught their interest.

7.       Use captivating image and videos

Image and videos on your pot should be of high quality. There are lots of photos available for free on the internet which you can make use of. Images on your posts should be related to the contents of the posts.

Also, short videos on the post are also good. Millions of people are viewing videos on youtube which shows how people like video content. you can even link a video from a video post to your blog.

Finally, getting a good blog format is just one of the things you need in the blogging business. You still need to implement other blogging techniques like SEO, content creation. However, if you make use of these tips, you are sure on the right path.


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