Highest paying companies in Nigeria

Highest paying companies in Nigeria

Getting a job in Nigeria is definitely not an easy task and getting a high paying job is as easy as swimming across the ocean. Ranging from the private sector, corporate organizations to government jobs and every other organization that employs labour, getting a job isn’t the easiest of endeavors to talk of a high paying one.

Dangote cement ranks first on the list of top 10 most valuable companies in Nigeria but doesn’t make top 5 list of highest paying companies in Nigeria!

This is one of the reasons Nigerians relocate to other countries especially Europe and neighboring continents in search of greener pastures.
So many factors necessitates this such as the dismal economical state of the country, a rather lowly and devalued currency, unfavorable government policies, high level of unemployment amidst others.

Despite these facts, those thriving are thriving as usual in a capitalist society and those at the lowest end of the chain are utterly bearing the consequences of the inadequacies.
This is evident in the high gross income of some companies hence they pay highly and earn their big names and statuses.

1. Shell Petroleum

The first on the list of the highest paying companies in Nigeria is Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, (Shell). (Oil and Gas). It is a joint venture between Shell and NNPC and ranks first on the list of highest paying companies in Nigeria.
The company is believed to be paying its entry level staffs from 1 million to 6 million depending on the department and certification.

2. Chevron

The second is Chevron (Oil and Gas). The company has an American background and this is believed to probably be the reason it pays handsomely.

3. Mobil

The third highest paying company on the list is Mobil (also Oil and Gas). Mobil also has an American root and has a strong footing in the country. It also has the reputation of being the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. Mobil is the world’s largest refiner of Petroleum and also deals in technology. These are apparent reasons the company is big and can also afford to pay hugely to its employees.

4 & 5. NNPC and MTN

The two other companies on the top 5 highest paying companies are NNPC (Oil and Gas), which is an indigenous company, and the fifth is MTN (Telecoms) which is known to be the biggest telecommunications dealer in not only Nigeria but Africa.

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