Efficient ways to free up space on your Android Phone

Free up phone storage

Efficient ways to free up space on your Android Phone

Storage has been an important factor in mobile phone, phones with large storage take time before having low storage but many low end devices may only include a few gigabytes of storage which will make this more of a problem.

We complain of hanging phone, slow interface this is most a result of low storage on the devices and the less space you have the more time you spend managing the internal storage.

We would even have to delete some of our important file or documents so as to create space on the phone.

If you are reading this post it means you want to free up space on your phone and you at the right place. Her are the best tips to free up space on your phone/devices.

1 ) Clear Caches

App caches and data takes alot of space on your mobile phone. The data are very important(if cleared the app would return to it original state when downloaded) but the caches saved offline data/information which helps the phone retrieve them easily when needed.

The caches can be clear without causing harm to the phone or app. You have two options to clear the app data and caches, clear the cache alone and see if it solves the storage issues, if not you can also clear the app data but keep in mind the consequences.


2) Moves files and app to your SD card.

Lot of mobile phone comes with expandable storage capacity I.e. SD card which is mostly known as memory card. This SD Card gives you extra space on your phone which can be used to store file, images, videos etc.

Transferring some of the files or app on your internal storage to SD card will help free up space on your internal storage.
Ways to move app and file to memory card may differ on each phone, the way it moves in infinix would be different from tecno or Samsung. I guarantee doing this would free space on your device, you just have to get how it done and do it right.

3) Uninstall app you don’t use

While photos and videos are storage hogs, applications would consume large storage space especially the likes of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and games. It best to clear Caches of this app or totally remove them if not used.

Whenever you try downloading an app on Google Play Store and it get you a notification of insufficient storage, you will receive a prompt to delete apps. You can easily free space by deleting some app from there.

Check through your phone there would be applications you don’t use anymore or you use them occasionally. You can delete them to free space on your phone.

NOTE : Social media applications consumes alot of space with there data and cache.

4) Clear hidden large file using xender

Lot of individuals isn’t aware of this but it one if the best ways to create space on your mobile phone. Unused srt and file store up in our phone without our knowledge and the best way to clear them is through sender.

To clear this unwanted large file you must have xender on your phone, if you don’t have kindly download one now.
Navigate from Xender ~ File ~ Big file ~ you would see some unwanted large file there. Kindly delete them so as to have enough storage.

5) Delete your download.

Your mobile phone has a section where downloaded file or item are stored i.e photos, videos, document. If you check this download section you will see there are lot of things there you don’t use anymore, you might not even remember some of them.

(For some reason my downloads folder is full of pictures of of Facebook group, WhatsApp group images etc.) Delete some of this unnecessary file so as to free up more storage space.

When you combined all the ideas and suggestions given above, your mobile phone would be as storage would be so free.