Tips for saving money fro hard times


Money is an integral part of our lives as it is a tool, a medium of exchange for goods and services
Material wealth is tantamount to the amount of money either liquid or solid that an individual has. More than how much of it they spend is how much of it they have been able to keep, save up in wherever they choose to save it.

This post however isn’t about the wealthy ones and the huge amounts of money they amass but about the common man as the larger percentage of the population in the society is that of the common men.
It is about how to save up money for the hard times, the ‘raining days’ so as not to be stranded or totally financially floored when the times come because they will come.

As the saying goes; ‘hard times don’t last, only hard people do’. It is expedient to know that hard people are those who on a regular put aside a particular portion of their income in preparation for difficult times.
The year 2020 has taught us some real life hard lessons and reiterated the essentiality of money savings.

With the advent of the global pandemic that paralyzed daily businesses and regular income for most for a couple of months, even in developed countries, a whole lot of people were caught unaware and they had to live on help from their governments.

Most of the people who couldn’t make money in that period had to fall back to the ones they’ve been able to save.

Now if you belong to the group who doesn’t know means of savings other than the regular savings accounts our banks run and usually have a problem with it because whenever you’re stranded you’ll pick your MasterCard and go make some withdrawals thereby having little or no savings at all at the end of the day, then read along carefully as I’ll be sharing with you some three (3) great methods you can use to save money and learn the act of saving effortlessly.

1) Fixed deposits: This is a kind of saving that is fixed according to the name. There’s an agreed time of maturity the money or monies being kept must reach before they could be granted access to. It is in an effort to activate strict saving policies and not be tempted to go barge into it. It has a lot of benefits such as the unavailability of it till the set time has come, it accrues interest while in savings and it grows.

2) Piggy Vest: Its a verified online savings and investment platform that has been in existence since January of 2016 as an outfit for savings only then but has now extended to investments. The first of its kind in West Africa. Piggy vest has over 350,000 users (growing) and helps customers manage their money easily through savings and investments.
“Combined, Piggy Vest users save & invest billions of Naira every month that they would probably be tempted to badly spend.

PiggyVest is on a mission ‘to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their own finances’, and we intend to be the best at this”. – Piggyvest.
Piggyvest works in a very simple way. Just open your browser and log on the Piggyvest website, or better still download the app on your Google Playstore or IOS store and create an account and you’re good to go. Any amount can be saved and it grows with interest that is calculated on a monthly basis.

3) Carbon: Carbon is another verified and certified online money services outfit. Carbon makes it easy to access amazing financial services such as instant loans, payments, bills, savings and investments. It is multifaceted. They make life easier by granting loans to customers in distress coupled with their excellent savings program and investments opportunities. All easy and cheap, made easy for everybody.

These and some others are outfits designed to make savings easy for the common man. They help to keep money and keep it safely against the temptation to lavish it so it could be useful in ‘raining days’.

According to Akinpedia there are also 10 Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Life, preparing for rainy days or hard times.

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