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2020 is a year laden with several challenges worldwide, the novel global pandemic, Coronavirus popularly called Covid-19 being at the forefront leading the pack. It’s a year never to be forgotten, at least not soon. Many havocs were wreaked by the pandemic outbreak varying from huge amounts of lost lives to economic disasters. Many lost jobs, many businesses folded up.

The world had to stay home to curb the spreading of it leaving many people jobless for months (some are still without jobs), many relying on pallatives and many nothing to rely on.
But as it is usual in every unstable and challenging economic unrest, some businesses will fold up while some will thrive therefore as some folded up, some thrived.In this article, we’ll look at some of the best business ideas in this worldwide trying times.

If anything, the pandemic has splashed it on our faces that computer literacy is essential as many thriving businesses are online based. The world is now an internet hub and for you to be known and seen, you have to be present, no matter what you do.

Mobile Businesses

As earlier stated, major thriving businesses are mobile as people are meant to be home, maintain social distancing for a common goal; flattening the curve of the pandemic.
Businesses such as logistics, delivery, food truck, repair services, online tutoring and personal training are good ones to venture into. They’re mobile, lucrative and money making.

Logistics has to do with supply lines, movement of goods and services from their point of origin to the consumption point for the sole purpose of customer satisfaction. Delivery, haulage services, errand running and food truck are all in the chain.
There are restrictions on movement of people and daily needs will always be essential therefore someone needs to do it
Schools were shut down for months hence online tutoring was expedient.

Tutors with internet knowledge and access wasn’t so incapacitated as they took classes on so many social media platforms. Some parents still don’t allow home tutors therefore they still stick with online modes which still makes the business venturable. Likewise personal training.

Online Marketing Services

I think it is safe to say there isn’t an end to online opportunities as there are various niches to explore. Digital marketing tops the list of marketing branches in this age therefore it’s a safe business haven to lay in with aspects varying from social media marketing to ad management to blogging, SEOs and SEMs amidst many others.
These are big opportunities that are safe and easy to do. All it takes is a little time of learning to master whatever niche one wants to stick with.

Transport Services

Transportation is one of the services that will always be needed therefore venturing in it is a good idea plus the ban on multiple passengers in transit leaving doors open for more people interested in transportation. All you have to do is get a good car or motorcycle and register with one of the transportation brands, Uber and Co.

Remember, daily needs know not that the global economy is in chaos at the moment therefore something must be done to make money as money in turn is needed to get the necessaries. Therefore whichever one amongst the lucrative business ideas in this current global situation that you feel you can venture into, read about it and invest in it.

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