Advisory Tips on Making a First Class in the University

Advisory Tips on Making a First Class in the University

The University is a place where most student get freedom as much as they study. It’s unlike high school where you’ll most probably be reprimanded for failure to do a project or an assignment or where your parents can have access to your books and steadily monitor your progress.

There’s quite a huge level of freedom in the University, if you’ve most likely had a very boring high school life or life generally before university, or you’re just an overly social person, there’s a high chance of you getting easily distracted from your primary objective in the university because there’re so many social activities happening both on and off campus.
Therefore for whoever is interested in making a First class, be it a social buzz or a nerd or an antisocial, the tips to be highlighted in this article will really be helpful in getting your dream come through. All you have to do is follow aptly

1) Set a target and let it drive you: Rick Warren in his book, “The Purpose Driven Life” said “What on earth am I here for?”
A quote state “He who has a why to live for can bear almost anything.”
Another state “Having a motive makes it unimaginable to merely exist.”
Ask yourself, “what am I here for?” The moment that question is asked and you could supply an answer that relates to you coming out in flying colors, then setting a target that will drive you will be easy.

You have a purpose. You keep working towards it. Just like the quote said you can bear almost any how, you wouldn’t get easily distracted, you’re focused! That’s the first step in making good grades which will eventually make a first class.

2) Study the right course: I don’t think there’s an easier way to fail spontaneously in the university if one picks the wrong course. Even in high school, if you’re a natural in Arts but choose Science because you believe only dullards study art or by mere following your friends, there’s a high chance of you eventually regretting the choice.

Study the course of your choice, one you’re a natural at. Don’t be pressured. I remember many of my coursemates in the university that changed departments, some once, some more all because they couldn’t cope in the department, couldn’t handle the course and all it entails.

Doing what you’re passionate about and a natural at comes easy, way easier than trying to blend where you don’t belong.
Research yourself, discover where your strengths are, find out the best course for it and go for it. It gets easier and you happier.

3) Be dedicated: be dedicated to your study and focus on getting top grades. It’s not enough to highlight your purpose, it’s equally important to be dedicated to it. With dedication, distraction is limited and avoidable.

4) Develop your research skills: A reader they say is a leader. You wanna top your class in assignments and projects? Develop your research skills. With it, it will be less difficult to submit top notch papers which will give high marks. Trust me you want high scores.

5) Use the library resources: Ignore the library at your own risk. No better place to get the right materials for your work than the school library. The right materials in varieties are loaded in there. No better place to run a research save field works.

6) Ask for help: Nobody is an island of knowledge. You will be surprised by the new things you will get from your lecturer and/or colleagues when you ask their opinion and view on subject matters, both the ones you know and those that are unclear to you. Ask for help, one who asks for help would not be misguided.

7) Don’t miss a class: As much as possible, do not miss a class. Try to make all your classes. Apart from the benefits of attendance, listening to speechs and explanations from your lecturers is invaluable. You get to participate in questions and answers after lectures, hear views, ideas and opinions that may differ from yours and you learn the more. Presentations are done in classes so missing classes aren’t beneficial. Information listened to have a higher level of being retained.

8) Limit socializing: All work and no play truly makes Dan dull notwithstanding balance must be found. Wanna attend every party and social hangouts around you? Then you’re in for a nosedive. For a first class student, only few hangouts are necessary serving as pastimes, relaxation and taking a break. Leave the parties to we in the third class category. We’ve got nothing to lose afterall. Lol.

9) Study with your friends: As earlier said, no one is an island of knowledge and you’ll be amazed at the wonderful things others have up their heads. Attend tutorials and studies with friends. You lose nothing by doing so rather you gain.

10) Maintain good health: The last in this article and the most important is maintaining good health. Striking balance. I remember some guys having mental health problems then because they didn’t rest essentially. Always with their books, no pastime, no hangout, no form of relaxation. It has a deleterious side effect on one’s health.

Eat appropriately, get plenty sleep, play some football, attend a show or two, see a movie or two. University life is all about getting the balance and it’s very important to make time to relax. Hard work with no relief can damage your mental health amongst others which you don’t want.
Be guided. Maintain good health.

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